2012: An Estate Agent’s View

Today’s guest blog is courtesy of Jo Prado.

Selling  your house in 2012 – has there ever been a better time? 

We’ve just had a our busiest weekend since setting up our agency 6 months ago and it’s only the second weekend of the New Year. A fluke some might say or a sign of better things to come?

Whilst we agree with the statistics that there is less housing stock and there are fewer buyers out there, there are actually some positives to be drawn from this if you are considering selling your home in 2012:

Firstly, you can guarantee that the people your agent sends round to view your property will be serious buyers. None of these “Sunday drivers”, just having a nose. Today’s buyer knows what they want and isn’t about to waste his or your time. So if they don’t think your property is right them, they won’t come to see it.

Secondly, today’s buyer is prepared and has their finances in place. As a seller you know then that any offer made on your property, isn’t subject to the purchaser needing to secure a mortgage, they will already have a mortgage offer in place and thus help expediate the sales process.

Another bonus for sellers in today’s market is that, in our experience, buyers aren’t hanging around; they are making their decision quickly as to whether they want to purchase a property or not. And, because there are fewer buyers out there, the days of gazumping are hopefully long gone.

Finally, Sellers have never had such a wealth of choice of agents and advice. Selling your home, for whatever reason, is a big decision and without beating around the bush, an expensive one. So vendors are being very savvy when it comes to who they choose to spend their money with, and, aren’t fooled by thinking that cost is the final decision maker.

Today’s seller wants good service, local knowledge, an agent who will understand their needs and not try to sell them a frilly package of services. With less board-level pressure, this is where an independent can have a competitive edge over a corporate outfit which really plays into the hands of today’s seller.

Put all these factors together with a variety of great tools such as the advice Sam and her team provide here, actually the path to selling your home in 2012 is probably more achievable than you first thought!


Jo and her husband run Philip Prado Property Consultants in Alresford.

Integrity, Excellence, Knowledge – open the door to a new property experience. At Philip Prado we are passionate about providing you with the very best service. 20 years of estate agency expertise and a lifetime of local knowledge ensures that the path to buying or selling your property is successfully managed every step of the way.

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6 Responses to 2012: An Estate Agent’s View

  1. Paul Rolfe says:

    Well Said Sam
    I had a hunch that becoming an Independant agent would be good, todays headlines say listings at an all time low, yet we are have a great month already, 5 new listings and more coming.

    • Thanks Paul, I do think that independents often have the edge in a tricky market like this; they can move quicker and embrace change more easily. Sounds like you’ve had a great start to your year, well done! Sam.

  2. Erinshaw says:

    That is pretty good, we just thought of selling our house and this got me looking for estate agents in Maidenhead who can find out the best buyer for my house. Thought I’d share.

  3. Julie says:

    Really positive article, I really wish our Estate Agent could get us some viewings, been on the market since October and only had one, but everything seems so quiet where we are unless you’re prepared to seriously drop the price. This article will hopefully help me stay positive.

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