A small budget can go a long way!

If you’re on a limited budget, but think a few changes around the house could add extra value and viewings to your home, a smaller budget can actually go a long way. Read our top tips on areas to concentrate on when you need to be careful of your spending.

Exterior – Ensure that your garden is tidy, grass mowed and the windows are clean. Paint your front door and plant a few colourful flowers.

Clutter – Get rid of any excess clutter and furniture; it makes rooms appear bigger, and local storage is reasonably cheap. Remove photographs and tidy up the walls.

Clean – The big clean, can really help sell a home! Steam the carpets, dust doorways and surfaces, and polish wooden tops. To make your home appear more open, open a few doors into the rooms to give the impression of larger space.

Painting – A fresh lick of paint can make a home look new. You can do it yourself on a budget, and end up with great results. Choose colours wisely, and try to stick to neutral colours. This isn’t the time to experiment with darker paints.

Bathroom – A few touches here and there, can work wonders. Add a new toilet seat, and fresh shower curtains. Hang fresh towels and a new bath mat. Place a few candles on the windowsill, and store all personal items in a cabinet.

Staging – Adding a few personal touches around the home, can really make a difference. Such items can include new bedding, cushions, rugs, artwork, bathroom accessories, and any little knick-knacks that help to complete the look. You can read more about this here.

Have a small budget, and not sure where to turn next? Contact us, we can help you!

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