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Hello, I’m Samantha Ashdown, and I own HomeTruths. I’ve always held a passionate belief that people don’t buy homes on price, and since 2004, I’ve made it my mission to help frustrated sellers to move on with their lives. I sold my first property for Barratts at the tender age of 18 – the year I also bought my own first home, (I’m now on my 39th!). Read more..

Is your agent working for you? Ask them these questions, and see!

If your house has been on the market for more than three months, there are some questions you need to ask your estate agent to find out why it hasn’t sold so far, and what to do about it.  A … Continue reading

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This is your year to sell; it’s time to review!

How long has your home been on the market? More time than you’d like it to have, and more time than it really should have been? If you’re beginning to lose hope and faith, don’t. This is time for a … Continue reading

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Wall of shame – Shots to make you go ‘What?!’

Every now and again, some pictures that we come across make us go ‘What?!’. From a stained floor to a bit of dodgy staging, we’ve picked some of the best for you from this week! When I said buy some … Continue reading

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Google it in advance; local area knowledge for your buyers

When buyers are house hunting, sometimes they’ll be perusing in an area that’s new to them. It might be because of a new job, or they simply fancy a change of scene. They therefore won’t be as informed about the … Continue reading

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Over the threshold and into the hall…how’s yours looking?!

When potential buyers come to your home for the first time, the hallway is the first room they’ll see and yet it can be surprisingly overlooked. A lot of people don’t consider it to be a room per se, and … Continue reading

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Moving house…an expensive business! property news author Frances MacDonald provides a detailed breakdown of the less obvious costs involved for those planning to move house – including estate agency fees, EPCs, conveyancing and removal expenses. If you are looking to sell your home, it is … Continue reading

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Wall of shame – Almost perfect!

Great photography is ideal for giving away the best impression of your home. Sometimes though, just one tiny imperfection – or big, in some of these cases – can dent the photo. Check out some of our great finds below… … Continue reading

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A small budget can go a long way!

If you’re on a limited budget, but think a few changes around the house could add extra value and viewings to your home, a smaller budget can actually go a long way. Read our top tips on areas to concentrate … Continue reading

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Don’t hide your price under Harry Potter’s cloak; POA isn’t clever!

We’ve all spent our fair share of time on Rightmove; have you come across some POA’s in your browse time? Instead of a nice shiny price, three letters are sitting in front of you. Price on Application as it is … Continue reading

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Pro vs. Estate Agent Photography – It’s A Numbers Game

Alexander Glover, an experienced photographer specialising in all things property, set up Azander Ltd 5 years ago and now provides stunning property photography worldwide. Before and after shot With consistently being one of the top ten visited sites in … Continue reading

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