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A thought for Monday

I had a meeting with the partner of a prestigious local agency chain last week.  I was interested in finding out how the current market conditions are affecting him, and what their strategy is to deal with the situation.  He … Continue reading

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How many photos is too many?

A gentleman called me recently, and asked me this very question: “How many photos of my house online is too many?” “How many do you have?” I asked him. “77″ came the reply. Yes, if you’re wondering, 77 photos is … Continue reading

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Why pink shoes don’t sell houses

A lady called me last week to tell me about her house and the fact it wasn’t selling.  She went into a lot of detail about how she had chosen which agent would be instructed to market her house whilst … Continue reading

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The obnoxious agent

It was a blustery Sunday at the end of a chilly October afternoon as we crept slowly along the street peering at house numbers.  We had been viewing unsuitable properties all day, and were feeling a bit despondent, to tell … Continue reading

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How it all began

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, I was working with a developers, sourcing properties for him, when I got a call out of the blue from John, a friend of a friend. “Can you help me?” he … Continue reading

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Should I rent my house out instead?

I had a call today from a client of ours who is considering all his options, and wanted to ask my advice.  He is currently building a home in Greece, and having invested heavily, needs to start recouping his investment … Continue reading

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Our fees – reassuringly expensive

Our service is expensive.  It’s expensive because we’re not only the best at what we do, but that we consistently prove this fact.  Currently, the national average asking price to sale ratio is 92.5%.  We sell our clients for on … Continue reading

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Is the grass greener on the other side?

This blog post is courtesy of our lovely office manager, Hellen, who sees an awful lot of very bad photography! I took a call from a potential client today in the office.  One of our consultant’s had been to see … Continue reading

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When every penny counts

Are you downsizing? If you’re at that time of your life when you’re currently rattling around in a house that’s too big for you, that is consuming more time, effort and money than you want to give it, you may … Continue reading

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What Sam did last weekend

How viewings can go wrong Last weekend, my husband and I went house hunting.  We move house around every two years, so it isn’t entirely unusual, but it did highlight for me (yet again) the problems faced by viewers today.  … Continue reading

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