Spring Shine! Show your property in the right light this season

Spring is a peak time to put your home on the market; many buyers are actively searching for a new home during the beginning of the year, as well as trying to sell their own. With a lot of competition around you, it is worth ensuring that your house is in picture-perfect condition before the buyers descend to explore. What kind of things can you do? Read our tips below to optimise your house for spring viewings…

Wash your windows – One of the first things a buyer sees are your windows, and in the spring sunshine any dirt or finger marks will be easily noticeable. To prevent this, wash them inside and out, ensuring that they sparkle. Ensure all curtains are washed, and open the windows when buyers are around.

Tidy the gardens – Ensure that your front and back gardens are ready for viewings. Dried up leaves could still be kicking around from the previous seasons, and bushes might be overgrown. Make sure everything is trimmed and tidy and ready for viewings. Having the garden tidy also ensures your house has great kerb appeal for anyone driving past.

Spring flowers – The winter has been a long one and many people are looking out for the first signs of spring. Tulips and daffodils are beginning to bloom at this time of year, and seeing them at your property will bring a smile to your buyers face. Why not place them in containers and put them on your porch step?

Carpets and floors – If you have hardwood flooring, ensure that they are cleaned to perfection. Hoover your carpets and remove any dust. Aim to reach the areas that are often missed, such as skirting boards.

Let in the colour – Bring spring colours into your home staging when buyers are over. Having spring colours brightens a room; add different coloured towels and cushions to your bathrooms and living areas, ensuring they are washed and ironed. Such simple touches can go a long way.

Weather – As much as we like to envision spring being a sunlit few months after the dregs of the winter snow, it can bring unpredictable weather. If it rains, it is ideal to have a mat at the door for people to wipe their feet, and somewhere to put an umbrella. Not only will people appreciate it, but it’ll keep your carpets clean too!

Why not prepare your house for spring viewings this weekend? Just simple little touches can put you ahead of the competition in your neighbourhood; ideal if you want a quick sale.

Has your property been on the market since last spring (or before), and you’re wondering what you can do differently this season? Get in touch with us; we can help!

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