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Can I cancel my 1 o’clock?

Picture the scene: you have got someone coming to look around your property Saturday lunchtime, but something’s come up, and you’re desperate to rearrange the viewing. In a word, don’t. Why not? Well, they might just not come back! Read … Continue reading

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Social Media’s New Adventure: Selling your home

Social media such as Facebook and Twitter is on everyone’s lips nowadays, from university students using it to network with their classmates, to businesses sharing their latest venture or new creation. Networking with people – from your own town to … Continue reading

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How to get into your buyer’s mindset

Proceedable buyers generally have mixed emotions about their impending purchase right now. On the one hand, they may be feeling a little invincible, being one of the highly sought-after minority that currently make up less than 25% of active viewers. … Continue reading

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What made YOU buy your house?

Whilst estate agents may extol the virtues of triple aspect rooms, double garages or south-facing gardens, it’s usually the smallest of detail that makes a house irresistibly a home for us. A lovely client of mine told me this week … Continue reading

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Why a Woman Will Offer More for Your Property and How to Hook Her!

Women are three times as likely to pay the asking price for a property as men – at least according to Propertyfinder.com – does this mean that all sellers should be targeting the women in the hope of getting the … Continue reading

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The sweet smell of success

Freshly brewing coffee? Baking bread?  Do they really work? In my opinion, these are just a little bit too obvious – and as such, will come across as you trying too hard.  However, it is true that the sense of … Continue reading

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What can NLP teach us about selling houses?

NLP, or Neuro-Linguistic Programming can be described as a ‘behavioural technology’.  According to Mind Training Systems in Surrey, an NLP Master Practitioner Training Centre, this simply means that it is a “set of guiding principles, attitudes, and techniques about real-life … Continue reading

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Insights from Estate Agency of the Year 2011: Part 3

Today’s post covers the presentation given by one of the guest speakers from the Estate Agency of the Year Awards 2011.  Peter Fisk is Founder and CEO at GeniusWorks, a leading marketing and branding company, and introduced some challenging ideas to an … Continue reading

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Once upon a time…

I think it was Tom Peters who said, “It’s really difficult to dislike someone once you know their story.” Not only does everyone have their own story, but every home has one too. Of course, the Tudor black and white … Continue reading

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The obnoxious agent

It was a blustery Sunday at the end of a chilly October afternoon as we crept slowly along the street peering at house numbers.  We had been viewing unsuitable properties all day, and were feeling a bit despondent, to tell … Continue reading

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