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Are you in the seller’s mindset?

In a tricky market like this one, it’s difficult to keep up the momentum that perhaps you once felt when you first put your home on the market.  Now, many months down the line and still no sale in sight, … Continue reading

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What made YOU buy your house?

Whilst estate agents may extol the virtues of triple aspect rooms, double garages or south-facing gardens, it’s usually the smallest of detail that makes a house irresistibly a home for us. A lovely client of mine told me this week … Continue reading

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The sweet smell of success

Freshly brewing coffee? Baking bread?  Do they really work? In my opinion, these are just a little bit too obvious – and as such, will come across as you trying too hard.  However, it is true that the sense of … Continue reading

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No Pets Please

Whether you have a solitary budgie or a whole menagerie, any pet you have will doubtless be a very important member of your family.  However, even though it’s sometimes difficult for pet lovers to imagine, there is in fact a … Continue reading

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From the Archives – The Carlsberg Estate Agent

Remember the ad?  “Carlsberg don’t make flatmates, but if they did, they’d probably be the best flatmates in the world”.  Well, do you have a Carlsberg estate agent?  Let’s see what they might look like: Their offices would be open … Continue reading

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Your New Year’s Resolution – selling your home?

Hello, Happy New Year and welcome back! Have you resolved to sell your home in 2012?  It is going to be a tough year, as all the experts are telling us.  It’s generally predicted to be a quiet year on … Continue reading

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What will buyers deduce from your property photos?

When a buyer looks at the photographs of your house, particularly online, where the images are often largely devoid of context, they will make certain assumptions about your house that you need to be aware of.  By ensuring that every … Continue reading

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The obnoxious agent

It was a blustery Sunday at the end of a chilly October afternoon as we crept slowly along the street peering at house numbers.  We had been viewing unsuitable properties all day, and were feeling a bit despondent, to tell … Continue reading

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Loads of viewings but no offers – why?

Sometimes it seems that every weekend sees you tidying, vacuuming and getting rid of the dogs yet again, but come Monday, it’s the same old story – they aren’t interested.  I spoke to a gentleman recently who had had 30 … Continue reading

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Why aren’t I getting viewings?

It’s very frustrating when you aren’t getting viewings.  I spoke to a lady this week who has only had one viewing in three years!  Much more common is for sellers to contact us when they haven’t had a viewing for … Continue reading

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