From the Archives – The Carlsberg Estate Agent

Remember the ad?  “Carlsberg don’t make flatmates, but if they did, they’d probably be the best flatmates in the world”.  Well, do you have a Carlsberg estate agent?  Let’s see what they might look like:

  • Their offices would be open early, stay open late, and that includes weekends.
  • They would collect viewers in a limo and chauffeur them from house to house.
  • Their brochures would be thick, glossy, and full of beautiful photographs, no matter the price of the property.
  • They would fill your house with flowers at their expense, for each viewing.
  • Your asking price would be non-negotiable and they would insist on not claiming commission unless this was achieved.
  • Their staff would all be impeccably groomed and beautifully mannered.
  • They would only allow viewings by fully vetted cash buyers.
  • Your house would be professionally cleaned before each viewing, at their expense.

An impossible list?  Maybe. Something to aspire to?  Definitely!

Add your own?

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