This is your year to sell; it’s time to review!

How long has your home been on the market? More time than you’d like it to have, and more time than it really should have been? If you’re beginning to lose hope and faith, don’t. This is time for a review, and to refresh the strategies that you’re currently applying, which clearly aren’t working. It isn’t the time to drop your asking price; this isn’t the magical solution, because buyers don’t buy on price.

So what can you do? Over the next few weeks, we’re going to be looking at how you can refresh and review what is currently happening with your home, and how you can revive your tactics to sell, sell, sell. Your home can and will be sold, it just needs an evaluation of what might not be working for it in the current market. Is your marketing tired and weak? Is your estate agent right for you?

We’ll be looking at these questions and more in the coming blog posts, so stay tuned. Can’t wait for the next few weeks of advice? You could always give me a call! I’m Sam, and you can reach me on 015242 72181.  Looking forward to hearing from you.

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About Sam Ashdown

Hello, I’m Samantha Ashdown, and I own HomeTruths. I’ve always held a passionate belief that people don’t buy homes on price, and since 2004, I’ve made it my mission to help frustrated sellers to move on with their lives. I sold my first property for Barratts at the tender age of 18 – the year I also bought my own first home, (I’m now on my 39th!). Read more..
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  1. Rhona says:


    My three bedroom semi-detached house has been on the market since January 17 th 2013. It was valued at £135,000 and on market for fixed £134,995. I have reduced it to £124,995 which has provided more interest however three potential buyers declined to go further due to parking. there is no garden to the front of my house, the neighbour owns and parks their car in front of my living room window and i park in front of my door. What advice could you share,please help.


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