Wall of Shame – Clutter, clutter, clutter!

When you’re preparing your home for photography, it is essential that your clutter gets moved out of the picture to give the best impression of your home. If left in the picture, your house can seem smaller and can very easily put people off making an initial viewing. These homes must have missed the call about the non-clutter rule…enjoy!

Far too much going on here, with rubbish on the floor, posters on the wall, and by the looks of it a busy kitchen too! A big room with so much potential, sadly.

Woah, where are the worktops?! This kitchen is the complete opposite of clutter free; it seems like the individual has emptied their cupboards just for the occasion! How nice of them.

As much as we all have to do the washing and ironing, we really don’t want to see the remnants of it lying around this homes photos.

A window and door waiting to be installed, also count as clutter. Were they really essential for this photo?

Send any shameful property images you find to me at sam@home-truths.co.uk and I’ll publish them next time!

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Hello, I’m Samantha Ashdown, and I own HomeTruths. I’ve always held a passionate belief that people don’t buy homes on price, and since 2004, I’ve made it my mission to help frustrated sellers to move on with their lives. I sold my first property for Barratts at the tender age of 18 – the year I also bought my own first home, (I’m now on my 39th!). Read more..
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2 Responses to Wall of Shame – Clutter, clutter, clutter!

  1. Shaun Adams says:

    The last picture also displays a lazy agent who cannot be bother to move a few bits to take a photo, also has this room got a window? If I cannot see a window I presume not :(

  2. Sam Ashdown says:

    Thanks for your comment Shaun, very true! It would only take a few seconds to move a few bits, very lazy indeed!

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