Wall of shame – Colourful rooms!

Some photographs just shouldn’t be published on a property portfolio, and every now and again there are some that just make you go ‘No!’. We’ve come across quite a few colourful ones this week, so do enjoy our pick of this weeks bunch…

Oh dear…as much as pink is well loved by some, it just doesn’t fill this bathroom photograph with good vibes.

Another insertion of pink in this kitchen, with a bit of green thrown in. This kitchen leaves a lot to be desired!

Lime green walls and deep blue carpet do not make a good match. Added to the terrible light from the window, and this shot really is a bit pointless.

This shot, well…why is it here? Yes it was obviously a sunny day, but we’re really not seeing anything here. A removed cupboard door is about as interesting as it gets. Great!

Send any shameful property images you find to me at sam@home-truths.co.uk and I’ll publish them next time!

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3 Responses to Wall of shame – Colourful rooms!

  1. Shaun Adams says:

    Yes they are bad but if a vendor wanted pictures 1 & 2 taken & included what would you do?

  2. Sam Ashdown says:

    Very good point Shaun; perhaps a little home staging wouldn’t go a miss to make the rooms look a little more presentable? A lick of white paint in the kitchen on the green walls, and a towel/rug set in the bathroom to take away from the pink would work great. Immediately the rooms would look more inviting, for a very small amount of work!

  3. Shaun Adams says:

    Yes home staging is great but trying to convince some people to invest a little money in home staging to reap the rewards later maybe tricky.

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