Wall of shame – Cringeworthy kitchens!

Kitchens are used to cook, and should sparkle from every surface…especially when photographing for your home shots. A well staged kitchen invites the potential house viewer to imagine cooking bolognese over the stove, chopping up fresh bread and chilling with a glass of wine with their loved one. They should shout “Showhome”! These kitchens however, are far from showhome. Enjoy…

Yum, their leftover food is on the stove in a pan, and the surface of the cooker is as dirty as dishwasher. Can’t imagine cooking here…

Everything with this kitchen is wrong for a house photo. Cluttered, milk on the top, kitchen units full of carrier bags. Carpet leaves a lot to be desired too. Sigh.

Here’s what not to do if your house is being photographed. Leave out the rubbish for all to see, and random clutter on the surfaces. It has a lot of potential, but none of it was shown.

Am feeling blue looking at this. The angles wrong, there is no concept of how big the kitchen is, and the flash of the camera is bouncing off the wall. It isn’t even slightly inviting!

Send any of shameful property images you find to me at sam@home-truths.co.uk and I’ll publish them next time!

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