Wall of shame – Shots to make you go ‘What?!’

Every now and again, some pictures that we come across make us go ‘What?!’. From a stained floor to a bit of dodgy staging, we’ve picked some of the best for you from this week!

When I said buy some cheap furniture, this isn’t exactly what I had in mind….


Tell me that isn’t blood…CSI anyone?!

I know, let’s ‘stage’ the garden. Perfect.

Send any shameful property images you find to me at sam@home-truths.co.uk and I’ll publish them next time!

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About Sam Ashdown

Hello, I’m Samantha Ashdown, and I own HomeTruths. I’ve always held a passionate belief that people don’t buy homes on price, and since 2004, I’ve made it my mission to help frustrated sellers to move on with their lives. I sold my first property for Barratts at the tender age of 18 – the year I also bought my own first home, (I’m now on my 39th!). Read more..
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3 Responses to Wall of shame – Shots to make you go ‘What?!’

  1. It has taken me nearly 5 minutes to stop laughing at this page! Why do people do that?

  2. David Clark says:

    Because the ‘customer’ is always right! I’ve had people say to me “..aren’t you going to photograph…”. I have to admit sometimes I’ve just done it to get away. These days I would actually, as politely as possible, decline instructions or revise my fee to the point they go elsewhere!

  3. Sam Ashdown says:

    Hi Charles and David, thanks for your comments! These shots do make us laugh whenever we come across them! Interesting point David; it is funny what people ask to be photographed, some of the ones above are just priceless!

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