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Hi – how’s business?  Want more instructions? My weekly Supertips will give you the edge above your competition and help you to convince more sellers that YOU are the right agent for them, WITHOUT discounting commission.

If you like my Win Every Instruction Supertips, you might be interested in my coaching programme.  Read on for more info, or just pop your email address into the box above and see how good I am first!



My Win Every Instruction Programme:

What is your conversion rate?  75%? 50% Less? What you need to know is what to say and how to say it in order to demonstrate your differentiation effectively and compellingly in your market appraisals.  I can guarantee to you that my information is unique and highly effective at converting.  My own conversion rate to private sellers is in excess of 90% – would you like to know how I do it?

WIN EVERY INSTRUCTION is an exciting and brand new coaching programme for forward thinking agents.  It is 3 hours of personal, one-to–one coaching for up to three trainees, delivered personally by Sam.  And it works!  Here’s a small sample of comments from some of my clients:

“Wow, that was refreshingly different! We want to thank you Samantha for inspiring us with your new and fresh approach to our training session and we all felt that we could go out on our next Marketing Appraisal and genuinely stand out from our competitors.”

Francis Martin, Partner, Keats

Not only did I show this agent how to improve his conversion rate dramatically, I also told him how to justify a higher fee than he was currently quoting.


“Sam and the team are energetic, deep thinking and effective. HomeTruths’ input can have a very positive impact on problem sales and I would thoroughly recommend them.  We have worked closely with Home Truths for a number of months and found the relationship to be hugely beneficial to our company.”

 Charlie Graham, Rural View, Salisbury

Are you happy with your current fee?  Or do you feel that you’re discounting every time just to try to beat the competition? I’ll show you how to justify a good fee – and I’m talking 1.75% – 2.25% here – and to win the hearts and minds of every single prospect you go to see.


“Home Truths are very important in helping my company to get higher priced properties on the market with good fees and have been invaluable at helping us to raise our own marketing game.”

 Gareth Ashington, Ashington Page

Would you like to be able to rely on a proven and systematic formula for winning the kid of instructions you really want, rather than just picking up the lower-priced low-quality stock that you seem to get stuck with? Wouldn’t you prefer to have a reputation for selling premium properties, and for those sellers to see you as the go-to place for advice on selling?


“Sam and the Home Truths’ team genuinely give objective and expert advice, which coupled with great marketing can achieve the right result for the agent and the client.”

Dean Heaviside, National Sales Director, Fine Estate Agents


Do you want a chat to find out about how I can help your agency to win every instruction?  Why not give me a call today on 01524 272181 or drop me a line at and take the first step towards becoming a more profitable and successful agency.

I really look forward to hearing from you.


Really good tips presented in an inspiring and easy to listen to format – Sam kept really us all on our toes throughout!